El Duce - The Mentors - 08-30-96

Interview with drummer and singer and drinking pervert the one and only: El Duce of the porn metal legend The Mentors / Date: 1996.30.08 (Y/M/D)

The Mentors were formed in Seattle, Washington in the 1970's. The three original members of the band, listed above, went to the same Junior High School together, and began playing in bands together. 
After fooling around playing a variety of music, the musicians mentioned above began to lay down the essential DNA of what came to be called "Mentors Rape Rock" in 1977. The Mentors moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of rock superstardom. In Los Angeles, the Mentors did manage to become world famous by playing and writing music that to this day stands out unique in terms of overall vision, charisma of the members, and quality of musicianship and songwriting. In the late 90's founding member El Duce was struck by a high speed train which results in him becoming Lord. The Mentors continue on however, playing and writing the music taught to them by their Lord, El Duce.  Homepage:  www.thementors.us

El Duce aka Eldon Hoke was killed in Riverside, CA. by a train on April 19th, 1997 while drunk. 

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